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The Murals of Lyons NY

Why Mural Mania
             Many ask “Why Mural Mania?”  Some have suggested it is foolish to spend time, energy, and money on such murals when there are so many other things that need to be done in Lyons.   It’s about history…who we are…where we come from.  It’s about pride…there are many good things about Lyons, and even many more wonderful people in Lyons; if we don’t grasp opportunities to display our rich historical heritage who else will? 
                 The completion of Winston’s Dream in June has drawn many people to Lyons to see the mural.  At the same time the three murals dedicated today were being created, and tourists, visitors, dignitaries and many media outlets have watched the progress of these beautiful works of art.  These visitors have said this is a most wonderful way to record history, and that Lyons is so lucky to have such beautiful artwork.  Positive energy has accompanied these projects. 
Often we paraphrase a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, “If we paint it they will come.”   And, as Terence Mann said, in the same movie,  "It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come,...People will most definitely come." What was good about Lyons could, should, and will be again.  That’s why Mural Mania.

The Mural of Lyons
1. Canal Town
2. Winston’s Dream
3. Generations
4. Generations of Smiles
5. Step Back in Time 
6. Peppermint
7. Believe you Can Achieve
8. Fire Truck Mural
9. Step back in Time
10. They call me Sal
11. Underground Railroad
12. "God Bless America" the USA flag 

Canal Town 1990
Located on Santelli Lumber Company  this mural is seen by going through the McDonald's drive through. This mural  was painted in 1990 by Andy Miller, sponsored by E.R.I.E. (Erie Restoration Interests Everyone.) This Three paneled mural shows the first settlers in Lyons, the Town Clock and the Aqueduct removed in 1969. This mural was spruced up by local Mural Mania artists in  2010.
Winston’s Dream-June 2007
Mounted on the old trolley bed abutment in the newly dedicated G. Winston Dobbins Memorial Park, at Lock 27, this duplicates a scene from an actual post card from 1910.  It’s complete with packet boat, mules, hogies, a trolley, and the famous Hotchkiss Peppermint building.  The mural was created by James Zeger. This mural and park was completed with the help of over 200 volunteers.

Generations 2007

The former plain fa├žade of Dobbins Drug Store and The Olde Pharmacy Gift Shop is now Generations.  Impressed by Corky Goss and Chip Miller unique artistic techniques and abilities, pharmacist Sean Dobbins commissioned them to create a permanent tribute to his heritage. 

Generations of Smiles  2007
 Dr. Randy Mitchell, an intense local history supporter, was impressed by the work that artists Corky Goss and Chip 
Miller were completing across the street, so he commissioned them to transform the alley-way wall of his dental office.  As expected from these inspiring muralists, the resulting art renders the viewer awestruck.  Named Generations of Smiles, paint records the heritage of dentistry in Lyons.

Street of Dreams  2007

The inclusion of the trolley, horse and buggy, and early automobile subtly reminds us that this was a very important time in history; the world was becoming modern, but the old way of life still was present.  Amazingly, the art appreciator gets a two for one; in order to look upon the scene from 1910, one must view the very same street, exactly as it is in real time.  The comparison provides a memorable history lesson. 

H.G. Peppermint 2008

In this mural Dawn Jordan depicts the “essence” of the business operations which at one time produced the worlds famous Hotchkiss Peppermint oil, Included are scenes of workers harvesting a peppermint field, a distillery for
processing the essential oil, and the horse-drawn cart transporting the extracted peppermint oil for bottling a the Hotchkiss Building in Lyons, N.Y.

Believe you can Achieve 2008

This mural embodies symbols that reflect the aspirations of the youth of Goal ChaserZ program The mural is centered on “The Road to Success.” It blends the past with the present, from the old Clinton Ditch,” which passed directly through this site, to current youthful activities. Entitled” Believe You Can Achieve.” the first step in the mural leads to a series of pillars and the through the “Arch of Success.”

Firetruck Mural 2009

This mural was painted Marie Hoover. It is dedicated to all the Lyons Firefighters Past and Present. This mural portrays the 1936 American LaFrance pumper, in its bay at the Steamer Hose Co. Nu 2 firehouse, a division of the Lyons Fire Department.

Step Back in Time 2016

It  is 188O and you are riding on a packet boat through Lyons, New York; as you pass and through Lock 55 the air is thick with the fragrance of peppermint oil having just been loaded for shipment by the Hotchkiss Building.  Your packet boat just turned north going under the Montezuma Street Bridge; the familiar symbols of Lyons, the Wayne County Courthouse and the clock on the Methodist Church are in the distance. Up ahead is the Elm Street Bridge where your packet boat will again head east along Clyde Rd.  This mural was painted  by  Erica Swenson.

They Call me Sal 2019

One of the features of the 2016 Global Mural Conference was the 12 x 16 mosaic mural painted on Evolon “They Call me Sal”.  This mural has 728 six-inch squares painted by art students from elementary to student in college a crossed NY State.   Featured in this mural are the history of New York State, and the flora and fauna.  If you look closely you will find roses, blue birds, Harriet Tubman, and the World Trade Center featured.  This mural is the tenth mural in Lyons. It is a gateway mural on the abutment greeting the biker or others on the
Empire trail.

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad mural was painted during the Global Mural Conference in 2016 by MCC students.  The mural shows all aspects of the underground railroad to teach people about these courageous people. The symbols represent those that were used to signify safe houses, waterways, trails, and roads. Kathleen Farrell, Concept and Design. Represented in this mural are Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglas, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and William Still. This mural is by Lock 27

"God Bless America"  USA Flag

This flag was sponsored by Martin Williams of Hometown Auto.
  This mural is 20 x 40.  This mural was designed by James Zeger, and painted by James Zeger, Cory Reynolds,  Mark De Cracker and Betty Rose. 

God Bless America, My Country tis of thee
We have lost respect for those that set us free
They bleed for us on foreign soil for us to see
This beautiful red, white and blue from sea to shining sea”


In memory of Noel Dobbins

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mural Mania Painting

This is a reminder that we are painting tonight at the Grange (Old Library) in Lyons at 6:00 p.m. on the mural that was painted in 1990. We are bringing this old mural to life and would welcome your help.

Here are a few photos from last week.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Noel Dobbins inducted into Lyons Hall of Fame

Noel Dobbins, a leading force in making Mural Mania a reality, has been posthumously inducted into the Lyons Hall of Fame.

Thank you, Noel.

Fwd: What's Happening in Lyons

Here are a few shots to keep everyone up to date. Corky and Chip have started painting the mural on Canal Street. I have also included a few photos the Jackson School House mural. Notice the "stones in the road" Last the dirt is out of the fountain and it looks great.


Since the last post on this website, was born to track the "Big Picture" vision. Check out the murals page and see the 4 completed murals so far in Lyons, including Winston's Dream, Street of Dreams, Generations, and Generations of Smiles.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peppermint Days - 2007

muralMANIA was alive and kicking during Peppermint Days 2007. Two murals were being painted at the same time. The mural "Street of Dreams" was temporarily brought to downtown Lyons, so the crowd could see James(artist) doing his magic. This mural will be finished sometime in August and will have a dedication soon after......I will have the dedication date and other information posted as soon as I know.
The second mural "A Window in Time" worked on by Corky Goss and Chip Miller is about finished. It is the new face of Dobbins Drugs and looks incredible. The front of the store used to be painted stucco and looked nothing like the historic buildings second floor, which is all brick. Corky and Chip brought that historic look down by painting bricks and cement posts. This brick and cement post painting looks so real and is three-dimensional that people are coming up to it and touching it thinking real bricks would be there....SURPRISE. They also painted a large window that shows three generations of Pharmacist's working inside along with shelving and a boy raiding gumball machine. It's as though your actually looking in a window. This is a must see so head down to Dobbins Drugs, it will be worth the trip.
We've also just learned that Corky and Chip have been hired to do a mural on the side of the Mitchell Dentist Building in downtown Lyons. They will be starting this after they do another mural in Syracuse.
Mark and I will be working very hard to find potential mural locations. We want James, Corky and Chip to stick around for a long time. We also have another project that we're considering that would honor the military. I will explain in my next blog.